Robert C. Williams Paper Museum

The Robert C. Williams American Museum of Papermaking, a research institute and museum, is dedicated to the preservation of history and technology in paper. The museum is located in Atlanta's Paper Tricentennial Building, Georgia Institute of Technology, United States. It houses the largest collection of paper and related artifacts worldwide, including watermarks and papers, tools, machines and manuscripts. The permanent exhibit focuses on science and technology involved in papermaking, while the changing exhibits are focused on paper art.

The original Dard Hunter Paper Museum was the Robert C. Williams Paper Museum. It was established in 1939. Dard Hunter created the original museum, which is located at Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Hunter filled the museum full of artifacts that represent the art and craft of papermaking. The museum was rarely visited while it was at MIT. It was eventually moved to a smaller building.

The museum was offered a prominent spot on its campus by the Institute of Paper Chemistry of Appleton in 1954. Hunter was appointed the museum's curator. He held that position until his death in 1966.

In 1989, the Institute of Paper Chemistry moved to Atlanta, Georgia and was renamed the Institute of Paper Science and Technology. The Dard Hunter Collection was also packed and moved. Friends of Dard Hunter, an organization dedicated to hand papermaking and other arts like Hunter, supports this collection.

The museum was reopened in 1993 at IPST. It was renamed the American Museum of Papermaking. The museum grew and was soon able to offer a traveling exhibition program.

The James River Corporation made a significant donation to the museum in 1996. In recognition of Robert C. Williams (co-founder of James River Corporation), the museum's name was changed to Robert C. Williams Paper Museum. Williams was a student at Institute of Paper Chemistry and Chairman of Board of Trustees of Institute of Paper Science and Technology.

Through a donation from The Mead-Witter Foundation in 2005, an additional exhibition space for the museum was added. This new space was renamed the George W. Mead Education Center.

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