Krog Street Tunnel

Atlanta's Krog Street Tunnel is known for its street art. It connects the neighborhoods of Inman Park, Reynoldstown, Cabbagetown. It is very popular with cyclists. It is being considered for use as part of the BeltLine, which will allow pedestrians and bicyclists to cross Hulsey Yard.

The Atlanta Foundation for Public Spaces planned to hold a masquerade in October 2014. It was to be a private event and tickets-only. The local Neighborhood Planning Unit rejected the event, but the city approved a permit anyway. This decision angered neighbors who were denied access to the tunnel during this masquerade. Peter Ferarri, a local artist, stated that artists were upset that their work was being used for promotion and sale of tickets to the masquerade without any compensation.

100 protesters gathered at 10pm on October 22, 2014. They painted over all the art with grey paint, making the tunnel art unrecognizable for the masquerade.

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