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The APEX Museum ("African American Panoramic Experience"), a museum that focuses on history from a black perspective, is the APEX Museum. It is located in Atlanta's Sweet Auburn Historic District.

The African-American Panoramic Experience Museum (APEX) has the mission to accurately interpret and present American history from an African-American perspective. This will help American and international visitors better appreciate and understand the contributions of African-Americans to America and the world.

The APEX Museum is located in Atlanta's Sweet Auburn Historic District, in the John Wesley Dobbs Building. Built in 1910, the building originally housed the Atlanta Book Depository. It was later converted to a tire warehouse in the 1970s. Dan Moore Sr., a filmmaker, founded the APEX Museum in 1978. The E. R. Mitchell Construction company completed the renovation and restoration of the building. After that, the APEX Museum moved into the space. It has been continuously operating in the same location since its inception.

The APEX Museum is now an important part the African-American cultural and historic center of Sweet Auburn. It is located near the Auburn Avenue Research Library, as well as a variety of African-American businesses and historic sites. The U.S. Civil Rights Trail lists the APEX Museum as a site.

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